A YouTube-like App Will be Made Available on Samsung TVs by X (Twitter).

Elon Musk wants to provide peer-to-peer payment services to the X network in line with emerging trends.

Stefan Albescu
3 min readMar 12, 2024
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Elon Musk continues to work on turning Twitter’s X into a platform that rivals YouTube but has significantly fewer restrictions by announcing that X will also be accessible as a TV-based video streaming app.

The new X app, which allows users to stream video and watch long-form clips, is being released in collaboration with Amazon and Samsung, two large corporations that have imposed their proprietary operating systems-based Smart TV ecosystems rather than on Android TVs, for obvious reasons.

From where did it originate?

Elon Musk was forced to stick to his original pledge to pay 44 billion dollars for the microblogging platform when he was threatened with the payment of enormous compensation for the remarks made—tthe height of irony—aalso on Twitter.

However, the poorly executed venture proved to be highly detrimental, as Twitter’s revenue almost fell off the first day.

Musk launched drastic cost cutbacks and large layoffs without any prior expertise in managing the new company. The chain’s media controversies caused a loss of advertising clients, and devoted customers became more and more irate.

Rival Mark Zuckerberg created the Threads website out of opportunism, providing dissatisfied users with the ideal justification to quit the Twitter network (either permanently or temporarily).

Musk was far from giving up on his for-profit goals; instead, he aimed to turn Twitter into an “app for everything.” First things first, rename the platform.

Twitter is The X Network, but not really

Unlike the previous version of Twitter, the X network lets you connect with other users via voice or video chats in addition to sharing actual “novels” with just one tweet.

With almost no regulations in place, illicit activity has “flourished” on the platform. It ranges from terrorist propaganda to sex services, all distributed through “verified” X accounts.

The X team stated that it was a video-first platform and that 8 out of 10 sessions’ worth of users were watching videos in a blog post published earlier this year.

That’s the case, but we’ll probably have to overlook the caliber of the material posted on the platform, specifically the reasons behind users’ decisions to share and watch movies.

Elon Musk wants to provide peer-to-peer payment services to the X network in line with the latest trends. in the sense of having the option to pay the individual author directly for the information they have watched, less the fee the X administrator has taken.

The launch of the X app for video streaming on Samsung TVs running Tizen OS makes sense because Samsung is the largest TV brand in the world, especially in light of the removal of other video apps by Samsung.

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